Commercial clarity through financial discipline

The numbers are knowledge; they are the key to both minimising your risk and optimising your chances of commercial success. But it takes skill and experience to know exactly how to work with them and turn them into a sustainable commercial edge. That is where our business advisors come into their own.

We can provide you with the insights you need around your cash flow, profitability, and access to working capital. Our work with you will form the core of your commercial clarity and function in harmony with your external professionals such as your accountant, lawyer, trustee etc.

We can show you how to take the momentum your business already has and enhance it through smart financial management.

Commercial clarity
Financial forecasting

Financial forecasting

Are you using the numbers to plan your strategy, or are they just confusing you?

Do you have instant access to your key financial indicators? Can you make necessary adjustments to remain agile and plan ahead? We can show you how.

We work with your financial data. Together, we convert your market knowledge and experience to build an integrated financial forecast model – Profit and Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet.

Our clients tell us they don’t know how they managed without a forecast model.  Not only will it become the financial cornerstone of your business; it is multi-purpose:

  • Use it both to project internal business performance and for discussions with your finance provider (bank, debtor funding provider) to both secure working capital funding, as well as funding for growth and acquisition.
  • Use it when engaging with equity partners, attracting, or changing business partners – it can form the basis for a formal valuation of your business.


If funding is your best option for growth. We can greatly improve your chance of success.

If you need to find an equity partner or approach banks or other lenders, we can open doors and put your best case forward. Our knowledge of the lending industry and razor-sharp business acumen can provide the best-tailored outcome for your business. Not to mention save you a lot of stress and disappointment.

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Gain a critical commercial edge by understanding your industry positioning.

We can help you see where your business fits into NZ industry and that industry’s performance over time. Assess how and where you are positioned in relation to your competitors.

This understanding will give you a critical commercial edge so you can start to identify the gap between your business performance and that of your competitors.

If you are uncertain of your market share, then to some extent, you are flying blind. This is where benchmarking comes in.

Our benchmarking service will provide you with clarity around your relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within both your current industry and others related to it.

Information Technology (IT) Systems

Review and Recommendations

Finance, operations, sales, marketing, production, procurement and logistics all run on the data managed by your IT systems. Those systems are business-critical.

They must fit your business requirements and provide insights, timely and accurate reports or dashboards and most importantly, deliver clear and visible tailored information to the right people.

  • Build and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Digitise internal knowledge and create unique intellectual property.
  • Scale your business, using information flows delivered by accessible data, insights, and intelligence.

Work with us to review your IT system before making decisions about retention, upgrades or enhancements. We can work closely with specialist IT solution providers or your current providers, in this critical area.

External professional providers

Get the best value

Accessing professional advice is not always straightforward. If you don’t have someone in mind, tap into our advisors’ networks. We can help you find the most appropriate expert for your needs, financial, legal, credit management, asset protection, digital marketing, customer service, or supply chain-related.

We’ll brief them in the most cost-effective but thorough way. Reviewing service levels and analysing the performance of commercial partners is also an area in which we provide expertise.

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