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Nurturing your talent pipeline is critical to the success of your business.

Advantage Business advisors have both the tools and the expert training partners to bring you complete people and culture solutions.

Through REACH, our advisors can provide access to the most complete, evidence-based ecosystem of resources. They are quick and simple to use, yet high-impact, powerful and sustainable. Work with us to get the insights, assets and support you need to transform the potential of your people into performance.

An Evidence-Based Training Solution

REACH Ecosystem

Turning potential into performance

As a business owner, you’ll value a workplace with happier, more productive people in it. That’s why we’re committed to adopting evidence-based tools to enable you to make that a reality.

Ask us about the REACH Ecosystem, our advisors get amazing results using the leading people, culture and performance solution. It provides a complete learning journey from awareness of style, strengths and agility (REACH) together with development roadmaps and all the resources and support to follow through.

Get a scientific analysis of where training needs lie, use resources that embed learning and access reports to demonstrate its impact. Perhaps you need the ability to scale that learning? Working with us will give you access to collaborate with the REACH community worldwide.

As part of their own commitment to on-going personal development, each of our advisors undertakes online training to become a REACH certified practitioner.

We can dive in as deep as you dare or just skim the surface, as needed.

Watch these videos to find out more:

Our Preferred People, Culture and Performance Solution

Advantage Business is a REACH Gold Partner. Our advisors use and recommend The REACH Ecosystem, a solution that provides a complete organisational development learning journey.

Its ground-breaking diagnostics provide insight, awareness and measure agility (REACH), through a complete development journey. We can also measure results using live dashboards in the cloud.

How we use REACH

  • Benchmark the agility of teams, leadership & your company culture
  • Measure and benchmark staff engagement
  • Develop your leaders & staff
  • Support your recruitment needs
  • Provide instant, evidence-based training needs analysis
  • Facilitate training workshops
  • Provide tailored coaching programs

Find out more on the REACH website.

A Global Workplace Learning Partner

PD Training

Employees who are given the opportunity to train are happier at work, more effective, accurate, intuitive, less wasteful, safer, better communicators and the list goes on. If your business isn’t always learning, it will lose its competitive edge.

You might already recognise the need for ongoing training in your business but don’t know where to start. Our advisors can help by analysing the skills gaps of both your staff and leadership team, selecting a trainer, finding the right resources and measuring the effectiveness of your training investment.

We encourage businesses to train in a team rather than individually. Team learning is interactive, creates a cohesive environment, helps retain the course content, and importantly builds team spirit.

Our advisors can tailor a team training plan according to the size and needs of your organization.

Our Training Partner

We work with a global workplace learning partner, Professional Development Training (PDT), also a REACH Gold Partner, to support our clients’ needs with best-in-class solutions.

PDT is New Zealand’s leading provider of professional development training, cutting edge psychometric profiling and HR services. It provides tailored solutions nationwide through a network of over 400 specialist trainers.

Delivery can be exactly how and when you need it:

  1. Complete courses
  2. Bite-size learning
  3. Resources for you to use
  4. Professional services & support

Content is tailored both for leaders and staff in topics such as Managing Virtual teams, Resilience, Communication skills and more. Visit the PDT website to see the current range.

Book a course with PD Training

Advantage Business has partnered with PD Training Limited (NZBN: 9429041108987) to bring its clients professional development training. The current courses can be booked with PDT using the links below. Your enrolment details will be submitted to, stored and protected by PD Training Limited. Advantage Business accepts no responsibility for third party data. You can view the PD Training Limited Privacy Policy here.

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