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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes of course, they operate in every market sector imaginable and offer every service and product possible, but in general, they all have something in common. The biggest asset a business has is its staff. This does not just mean the management team, but the entire staff, in an SME they are the core of your business, because unlike large multinationals, it is difficult to carry any dead weight in smaller companies, everyone contributes to the success. With that in mind, looking at ways to improve their performance make a lot of sense. This is where we have the business mentors with the ability to build a high performing team that supports the rest of the business model. It isn’t rocket science; it’s about understanding people and their emotions. See also our Advanced Training Solutions


Financial literacy about your business is pivotal to uncovering any advantage to position yourselves more competitively against your opposition.

The idea is not to get bogged down by the numbers, but to use them to your advantage. By benchmarking your business to create market advantage and achieving success in the three key financial models, sales, margin and overheads, key indicators within your business can be communicated in a dashboard convept that allows you to have full transparency of your business numbers in a simple logical format.

The numbers don’t lie and they can tell you some hidden gems.

Our business mentors hear all the time “where has my cash gone?” Not only can we tell you, we can correct any problems shown.


A sound marketing plan that lays out all the elements of the marketing mix including critical strategies and the tactics that emanate from, them is central to creating a unique positioning for your company about your market competitors.

This plan should reflect your company ethos and the strategies you will be pursuing to grow your business and promote your competitive advantage.

Your marketing strategy should also align with your market. Really the market tells you what it wants; you just give it to them. So aligning the value proposition to market acceptance is paramount. Telling the world what you do is the fun part. We love seeing the disconnections corrected and seeing the results created for you.


When Churchill stated back in 1941 “Give us the tools, and we will do the job” little did he realise his statement would have such relevance today.

Businesses can stand and fall on their decisions to implement systems or not and the timing around them. Many businesses have just grown over time and keep on doing what has worked in the past. Some systems can also inevitably involve spending large sums of money.

So we just don’t go there. Systems for us are about simplifying the businesses model to support sales growth. Yes – robust – but not in a way that takes away the ultimate goal – great product with a great service.

How we go about doing that has many facets, but the target is still the same. New Zealand work ethos is around doing, so we take out the complications of systems usually cobbled together over many years to create an efficient supporting mechanism.

We shouldn’t be scared of having systems within a business, it isn’t all for corporates, as long as they help you be what you want to be.


Buckle in, this ride could be rough. Growth is a word that is often brought out as the mantra that all businesses seem to strive for. As commendable an objective as it is, this is one area that above all needs managing.

Unplanned growth is almost as bad as too little growth.

A strong, robust business model will support growth without creating business pains and more importantly, not overloading key team members. We want them to be part of the future, not burn them out.

We have many ways to help you grow your business, sometimes that’s the easy part. Our focus is also on the support needed to cradle the growth so you as a business owner see the rewards on the bottom line.

Watching sales increase is a lot of fun, watching sales increase, especially when you have the systems in place to easily manage it.


You are finally ready. After all the years in business it is time to allow your younger family to take over or you want to sell.

Succession is one area that always seems to gain prominence in almost every business evaluation we do.

It’s like the last move of a chess piece.

Using that analogy, the final move has usually been set up many moves before. No different to selling your business. We have vast experience in setting businesses up for sale or providing succession planning that adds value to your business. We create the many moves before.

The value is mainly financial returns but can also include the ability to structure the business model to give the new owners the best ability to continue the success story.

To be able to exit your business on terms favorable to you encapsulates all the effort you have put into a lifetime of managing your business successfully.

We believe it is important that not only the owner receives market value but the business has been set up for sale and is robust for the future.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we also offer fully customised solutions to suit your unique situation, no one else’s. Our team of highly qualified business advisors will help articulate the specific problem you’re facing and uncover areas for improvement, then offer up a comprehensive set of solutions.

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