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Lean principles are second-nature to our advisors. Members of the Advantage team have supported some of New Zealand’s largest companies on their Lean journeys and we apply those same principles every day in the businesses that we work with.

We can help you, whether you want to launch a structured lean programme to drive improvement and shape your business culture or you just want to apply some sound Lean thinking to sort out a specific business issue.

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Driven by your business priorities

We’re not Lean zealots. We believe that Lean is a valuable framework that can make a real difference, as long as it is squarely focused on your business goals.

The Lean toolkit is huge and growing all the time. Every part has its place, but that place may not be in your business.

We help you to choose the elements of Lean that add most value to your situation and then to apply them in a way that delivers value and grows your people and your business culture.

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Lean Manufacturing

  • Eliminate waste in all of its forms.
  • Achieve smooth, consistent flow.
  • Deliver your product “right first time” to your customers.
  • Grow strong teams of expert problem solvers.
  • Measure the things that matter.
  • Make decisions based on solid information

Lean Supply Chain

Develop plans that get all parts of your business working effectively together.
Work closely with customers to deliver the products that they need when they need them.
Work with suppliers to minimize the total cost of the materials and services that you use.
Hold the right inventories at the right points in your supply chain.
Minimize handling, inspection and materials costs

gross profit optimisation

Lean Service and lean office

Focus your processes on customer value
Reduce or eliminate low-value activities
Grow strong customer-focused teams
Make backlogs and problem areas visible
Measure performance and focus resources where they are most needed
Standardize methods to improve consistency
Capture knowledge, avoid “re-inventing the wheel”
Manage skills and cross training

Lean startup

Apply Lean principles to your startup business
Make decisions based on real customer feedback
Accelerate your development and growth
Reduce the risk of failure
Reduce wasted effort and investment
Build – measure- learn

Lean product development

Develop products that are profitable and successful in the market
Design your product development processes to create and capture knowledge
Follow a consistent process to involve the right people at the right times and make the right decisions.
Create a consistent “flow” in product development
Open up your options early in the process.
Test and learn.

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