Murray Fulton looks at the limitations imposed upon us and the power available to us by listening to the voice inside our head.

Why habits are hard to break – Part 1

Hydrate for renewal! With renewal comes change. Accept that it takes time and allow for the law of vacuum. (listen for 5 minutes and 5 seconds)

Performance – Part 2

Murray uses the example of the steps top golfer, Tiger Woods, goes through to prepare his mind before taking a shot. He explains how to prepare, choose the right tools for the job, visualise the outcome, practice, trust in yourself to deliver, then execute and how this can be translated for business. (listen for 6 minutes and 30 seconds)

The importance of a positive mindset – Part 3

Top-level sports performance is determined by mental discipline. We must condition and then listen to the voice inside our head. It’s the same in business both for the leader and their team.

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