Murray Fulton looks at why habits are hard to break and ”the one-degree shift” required to make effective changes.  It is recommended you listen to his first set of audio recordings, “Busywork, effective work and what is normal?” first, to best understand the context.

Why habits are hard to break – Part 1

Hydrate for renewal! With renewal comes change. Accept that it takes time to change and allow for the law of vacuum. (listen for 5 minutes and 5 seconds)

What is a one-degree shift? Why it’s all that is needed? – Part 2

We gravitate towards comfort and ease (not necessarily a bad thing). We take the path of least resistance and we love a quick fix. We’ve seen that ninety-degree changes don’t work (listen to part 1 – law of vacuum). However, a number of one-degree shifts will prove easier to effect over time. Sometimes simple one-degree shifts can transform a business. (listen for 5 minutes and 15 seconds)

How to action a one-degree shift – Part 3

Establish what you want to change and the timeframe. Think through and identify the busy and the effective work elements in your business. Identify the key drivers to improve by adopting and applying effective work.  Who are the people and teams in your business that will drive the effective work? Focus on one-degree shifts. Apply these to change busywork to effective work. Break it down by team/individual. Set up a process of action, review and recognition. Watch and analyse the positive results – build momentum. (listen for 3 minutes and 22 seconds)

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