Busywork, effective work and fear of change to what is ‘normal’. Murray Fulton shares his thoughts on three important staffing issues for business owners. These three can be major roadblocks for productivity if not addressed.

Firstly, they must be identified and acknowledged before any action can be taken. Listen to these three audio files to see if you can relate. Then consider how you can address the issues in your business to improve productivity. This will help you positively influence the culture of your organisation and change the way “things have always been done around here”.


Turn busywork into effective work – first, identify it (Murray has some great examples) and then eliminate it. (listen for 7 minutes 39 seconds)

Effective Work

The definition of effective work is the flow through your business of quality information. Deliver that information at the right speed, to the right place at the right time to enable your people to be effective. (listen for 8 minutes 38 seconds)

What is Normal?

Murray ponders a critical question around business performance. Normal is not static, it changes over time. A range of forces influence it (the internet, AI, globalisation, communication and the increasing demand for speed and personalisation). Normal can change very quickly. However, that change is not always a threat. It is important for the people within your business to understand this and not to fear change. (listen for 6 minutes 23 seconds)

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