Murray Fulton

BCom, CA, MInstD - University of Auckland

Director & Business Advisor

Murray Fulton is a master amongst business advisors, a thought leader trusted in New Zealand business circles for his expertise. A proven performer, Murray thinks differently to other people. That’s why he can achieve exceptional results with his clients.

They are an exclusive set. He works only with those ready to trust him enough to go on a journey. In return for that trust, he will share the benefit of some 40 years of business leadership experience.

As a reformed accountant, he can bring a new level of commercial clarity to your business. Murray can help you understand the drivers that will increase its value and market positioning.

Well known for his accuracy around financial forecasting; Murray can communicate the value of your business to bankers, lawyers and accountants. He speaks their language and can co-ordinate their efforts in your best interests. If debt funding through tier one banks is on your agenda, Murray is your man.

Personal Profile

Murray Fulton is a fixer but not necessarily in the way you might expect. Not afraid to tackle the hard stuff, he maintains he is yet to find a business problem he can’t fix himself or through his network.

Critically, Murray’s advice is sustainable. He helps business owners think more effectively, rating effective thought processes as the single most important driver of success.

His thinking may be out of the box but he likes to play very much inside the lines. He’ll never tell you what to do. He will advocate and make you aware of the possible consequences but the decision making is yours.

Murray is an empathetic listener with high emotional intelligence. He’s known for his integrity, ethics, honesty and morality. A widely respected member of the Auckland business community, Murray has a broad industry network which often opens doors for his clients.

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