Murray Fulton

BCom, CA, MinstD - University of Auckland

Director & Business Advisor

I help business owners:
• Understand the current value of their business, and also the drivers that will increase the value of their business.
• Ensure that all of their efforts are directed to improving their business value to their clients and prospects, so that improvements in gross margin, profit and cashflow result from clients willing to generate improved gross margin because of a benefit to them; which then flows to the business owner.

Thought Leader 98%
Commercial Clarity 98%
Personal Network 98%
Providing Cut Through 98%

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In addition to the above, I also help business owners:

• An improved market position and financial business value drives a sense of purpose and power in the minds of business owners and their teams. Morale improves, which increases confidence. Success breeds success.

• I also communicate this increased business value to the external parties who have access to funds, contracts and financial security – i.e. bankers, lawyers and accountants. I speak their language, and I also ensure that they communicate both with each other, in a way that benefits everyone, and in particular the business owner.

• Most of all, I help Business Owners think more Effectively, as in 2017 and beyond, the Single most Important Driver of Success is Effective Thought Processes.

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