Scottish Pacific Business Finance announces a strategic alliance with Advantage Business Ltd

Auckland, 12 June 2019


Award-winning non-bank business lender, Scottish Pacific Business Finance, announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Advantage Business Ltd. The nationwide network of business advisors has been successfully helping business owners find their own advantage for the past 20 years. Together, the two organisations have been serving the New Zealand business community for a combined total of 50 years.


They share a natural synergy and similar goals for their clients. Working together enables them both to add significant value to their offer. By partnering with a business advisory expert, Scottish Pacific can enhance its responsible lending programme and Advantage Business can recommend clients requiring finance for growth.


General Manager, Scottish Pacific, Greg Wertheim, takes responsible lending seriously.

‘If we can partner with a leading business advisory firm like Advantage Business, then we have not only lent funds but also provided a better lending experience. For us, that means assisting our clients with the growth they seek which does not always come from funding but sometimes from having the benefit of external business expertise.’


Both Advantage Business and Scottish Pacific are equally passionate and optimistic about their future in the growing small and medium enterprise (SME) space.


Shared values

Advantage Business Chairman, Rod Way, reflects on a 2017 statement from Scottish Pacific.

‘It is troubling that so many SMEs attempt to ‘go it alone’ despite the fact that outside advice might help them overcome their barriers to growth and other business issues.’

This comment resonated with the Advantage team and planted the seed that developed into the strategic alliance. The values Scottish Pacific held were similarly aligned with their own.

‘All too often we see business owners engaging us at the ‘cure’ stage (rather than ‘prevention’) and as illustrated by Scottish Pacific, only four out of ten SMEs in 2017 worked with a trusted advisor – over half didn’t.’ reflects Rod Way.


National importance

SMEs are the backbone of New Zealand’s economy – its main employers. They deserve the investment of time and the right resources.

Advantage Business advisors work on a deep understanding of key drivers in any situation. At the top of the list is, ‘the why? factor’. It’s not enough to know what your product does, or how it does it, you need to identify why your product is needed and why you do what you do’.

Many businesses are currently in the succession phase with baby boomers retiring. This phase requires a collaborative approach of cash flow and expert advice to guide new directors and business leaders. The Scottish Pacific/Advantage Business alliance has come together at a critical time when demand for their combined offering is high.



The primary focus of both Scottish Pacific and Advantage Business is to grow the value proposition of SMEs in NZ and Australia. Both can leverage the strategic alliance to enhance the client experience whilst working towards this goal. It’s a winning formula for both organisations, their clients and the NZ economy.



Advantage Business is a long-standing, independent, national business consultancy. We have fifteen senior advisors and support staff across New Zealand, ensuring services with high local relevance and understanding. We help business owners and operators ‘be the absolute best they can be.’​ Uniquely designed programmes are implemented mainly for medium-sized businesses across multiple industry sectors. Advantage Business advisors help to facilitate the full spectrum of business activity including strategy, governance, business management, marketing, staff and operations. We contribute to an internationally competitive business community within New Zealand. We apply ethical business values and sustainable business practices; adding value to people, processes and outcomes.

Scottish Pacific is Australasia’s largest specialist working capital provider, helping thousands of business owners with the working capital they need to succeed. Scottish Pacific lends to small, medium and large businesses with revenues ranging from $500,000 to $1 billion.


For More Information

Advantage Business: Murray Fulton, Director, Advantage Business Ltd

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