REACH Your People

Undeveloped potential

Many businesses provide personal development training to the top 10% of their people. Perhaps at offsite settings like a training day or a residential course over a few days. It is usually delivered on a one-to-many basis.

It is worth noting that 90% of the people in the business do not receive any personal development training at all.

How effective is it? In terms of retained learning – highly variable. In many cases, 80-90% of the training content is either forgotten or not applied in the workplace.

Instead, we recommend,

• Personal development training that is delivered to a much higher percentage of people within a business.

• Individually curated learning, where each person can monitor their progress, see their improvement, and put into action their learning, with their teams within the business.


Introducing REACH

Advantage Business advisors are part of the REACH Ecosystem. REACH stands for RE – ability to relate, and ACH – the ability to achieve. All Advantage Business Advisors are accredited REACH practitioners. REACH is software-based, and supported on a tailored basis by an accredited Business Advisor.

The benefits

Over 700,000 development hours have resulted in the REACH Ecosystem, which delivers the following benefits:

• An individual assessment of where each person is at, both with their ability to Relate, and Achieve within their business role.

• Tailored development plans for each person, working with a Business Advisor as needed, they can understand their strengths and weaknesses, the areas they need to develop and track their progress. Creating a bond between their learning and the results achieved in their business role.

• REACH can be structured to meet the current and ongoing needs of your business. It can be implemented per person, or per team. It is possible to implement REACH across an entire business.

• We can use REACH for 360-degree assessments, on a team basis, as well as business-wide culture assessments.

Develop and invest in your people

In the current New Zealand business environment where talent is scarce, it makes sense to develop and invest in your people. The REACH Ecosystem provides a powerful, accessible, scalable, flexible tool to achieve this, on a tailored and cost-effective basis. Talk with us about how it might work for your business.

By Murray Fulton, Partner, Auckland

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