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For Small & Medium Enterprises

governance of small and medium-sized enterprises

SMEs have always been the backbone and impetus for growth in our economy, and many a New Zealand business owner will have tales to tell of growing the business for exports, or having to compete with ‘cheaper’ imported products.

Central to us constantly raising the bar for New Zealand businesses, is effective application of the principles of governance best practice.

Governance Best Practice should be viewed as a journey not a destination, and more and more the shareholders in private firms, large and small, are looking for ways of implementing these best practices into the way their businesses are governed.

Good corporate governance is as important for SMEs as for any other company. High standards of governance help to attract investors, trust in the market place and may assist SMEs in gaining access to finance.

Good Governance is important to the operation and the strategic development of SMEs. Indeed, bringing in some form of independent thinking at a strategic level, could be vital in helping the business find ways of breaking new ground with products or entering a new market.

However, it is often the case that SME owners resist the idea of corporate governance as it just seems to be too complex and unnecessary. This need not be the case, the Advantage Business Applied Governance programme ensures high integrity, with relative simplicity, on a journey of governance best practice.

Available research demonstrates that better corporate governance of SMEs is positively linked to their growth and long term sustainability, so why would you not do it?

Good governance is, and will continue to be, a cornerstone to business success. Advantage Business can help lay that important groundwork.

We can help you for all your governance advisory needs, including:

- Establishing an effective board or advisory board
- Driving business strategy execution
- Introducing risk management and internal controls
- Improving board performance
- Board mentorship and management consulting
- Succession planning
- Developing accountability frameworks
- Conducting essential due diligence
- Chairing boards and advisory boards

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