Each year, we speak to hundreds of Kiwi business owners with the same problems. They want their businesses to succeed so they end up working long hours and weekends, which makes enjoying life outside of work near impossible.

The key theme? They don’t have people with relevant business experience to help them solve problems and they’re often not sure what retirement will look like. Having identified these common themes, we pooled the knowledge of all our expert business advisors and created a solution to help you resolve the issues.

Introducing our free five-part webinar series – How to Find Your Balance in Business. Made by Kiwi business owners, for Kiwi business owners.

Why a webinar series?

Most of our Advisors are past or present business owners. We’ve all gone through the same struggles and come out the other end successfully. But it would have been easier with expert advice along the way, instead of figuring it all alone. We’ve spoken to a countless number of Kiwi business owners who’ve said exactly the same thing.

We chose to create webinars because we believe it’s the best way to help as many business owners as possible facing these challenges while providing them with real-time value. The tools we’ll give you will help you be more fulfilled whilst reducing your business’s reliance on you – so that you can enjoy better work/life balance. We reckon that’s a win-win.

What will be covered in the series?

The Find Your Balance in Business webinar series will provide real, actionable advice from some of New Zealand’s leading business advisors. It includes five monthly sessions, each less than an hour in length. They will help you build strong organisational foundations and set yourself up for success in the future or a better retirement (or both).

Each of the five topics we cover is of fundamental importance for every business owner:

  • Developing effective organisational processes
  • Building a strong team
  • Succession Planning 101
  • Agile Governance – why we will need this in the ‘new normal’
  • Developing growth strategies

New for 2020: Find your balance in business webinar workshop series

Make your resolution to improve your business and your life in 2020 by attending our 5-part Find Your Balance in Business webinar series.

The schedule:

How to develop effective organisational processes
Wednesday, February 19th at 3:30 pm – view recording
Presenters: Rod Way and Andrew Ross

How to build a strong team
Wednesday, March 18th at 3:30 pm – view recording
Presenters: Rod Way and Trevor Clark

Succession planning 101
Wednesday, 15th April at 3:30 pm – view recording
Presenters: Rod Way and Dominic Moran

Agile Governance – why we will need this in the ‘new normal’
Wednesday, 20th May at 3:30 pm – view recording
Presenters: Rod Way and Craig Hattle

Growth strategies
Wednesday, 17th June at 3:30 pm
Presenters: Rod Way and Murray Fulton

If you want to improve your business or find work/life balance we’re confident that our webinar series will help you make it happen. Spots are limited and filling up fast so register now to secure your attendance.

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