“My staff lack initiative and motivation!”

We hear this quite a lot from all types of businesses. Surely all employees can’t be that demotivated?

Staff surveys

Advantage Business has a unique approach, when we start working with a business, we interview all staff – confidentially and professionally.

A key question is, “who pays you?”

Answer nine times out of ten is, “the boss”.

“Who tells you “well done”?”

The answer is, “nobody, I just know it”.

Customers first

Two clear issues here – Sounds too obvious, doesn’t it? But the key fact remains that most staff members see business the wrong way up – with the boss at the top, not the customer.

Where does this attitude come from? You guessed it – the boss. We’ve heard “why should we tell the staff “well done” for only doing their job? They get paid, don’t they?”

Sadly, this ignores the simple fact that all people need recognition to perform well over time.  It costs you nothing but a little time, attention and energy – much less time and energy than you spend fixing up the consequences resulting from staff who lack motivation!

This “wrong way up” attitude holds New Zealand business back – it makes for poor quality, poor customer service and higher staff turnover.  The customer must be at the top – front line staff do the job for the customer, managers support the staff, and you, the owners, support the managers!

To improve your business – turn it upside down! If you need help to do that, consider bringing in a business advisor.

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