“I know better than most that setting up a business in New Zealand can be a daunting task for anyone – especially if you’re reasonably new to the country.” – Helen Corban, Business Advisor.

You may be unfamiliar with NZ’s rules and regulations, or you might still be adjusting to our culture and unique way of doing business. All of this can make the early days as an entrepreneur particularly stressful.

Luckily, New Zealand’s business community has an amazing support network to help people just like you find your feet. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. In this blog, I’ve outlined three of my go-to free resources to help get you started.

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1. Auckland Business Chamber: Free 0800 number

The Auckland Business Chamber is New Zealand’s largest business organisation. They’re dedicated to stimulating the Kiwi economy by helping local companies network and reach their full potential.

They have an 0800 number that you can call for free advice on the basics of starting an enterprise in NZ. I personally worked with the Chamber for over seven years. I can confirm that they are fantastic at providing budding entrepreneurs with the support they need.

2. Support for new Kiwis

Newkiwis.co.nz is a free website that matches highly skilled migrants with quality NZ employers. Auckland Business Chamber delivers this site in partnership with Immigration NZ. While it is not specifically aimed at company owners, it does offer a number of resources that should help make the road ahead clearer.

That includes:

  • Events and workshops that can help you acclimatise to NZ
  • Information about what the Kiwi employer is looking for and how business is done
  • Online courses on NZ’s job market and how to best find opportunities in NZ

This site and these courses are great if you’re looking to learn how the Kiwi workplace and business community functions.

3. IRD Business starter workshops

The Inland Revenue Department website offers a range of resources that can help you get your head around trading in New Zealand. The page on starting a new business is particularly helpful.

Here you’ll find a smart business guide, compliance checklists, advice on company structure and even access to a range of seminars and workshops throughout New Zealand. These include topics like becoming an employer, GST and running a company. If you’re a little lost about how to pay tax on your income as an enterprise owner here in NZ, this should be the site you turn to.

In summary, these resources are a fantastic place to start. However, there’s nothing like advice tailored to you by an experienced company owner and expert consultant.

With a wealth of experience as a business consultant and as an Advisor here at Advantage Business, I understand the journeys that migrant company owners have undertaken to get where they are. Most importantly, I also know the barriers they may face to succeed in NZ. I’m here to help you overcome those challenges and make big things happen.  Call me today to make a start.