Graeme (Harvey) Foote

Business Advisor

Graeme (Harvey) brings a wealth of practical experience to Advantage Business as an Advisor and Change Management Specialist. Known for his practical approach to problem-solving, Graeme has made significant contributions to technological advancements and sustainability within his field.

“Working with people is one of the things I do best. High-performing teams working with clear processes and structures are vital to success in any business. Let me help your team become the best in what they do.”

Driving Change 98%
Marketing/Sales 98%
Strategy 98%
Developing People 98%

Personal Profile

Graeme (Harvey) is a seasoned Business Advisor and Change Management Specialist with a proven track record in the print industry. His journey in business began at the age of 24 when he purchased his first company. Full of enthusiasm but admittedly naïve, he quickly learned that business ownership is not only totally absorbing, but it can also be a lonely and sometimes difficult journey.

He learned the ropes of business ownership through challenging yet transformative experiences, including navigating through the Global Financial Crisis and enduring interest rates of over 20%.

Through these events, Graeme gained the knowledge and practical experience of what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive business world in challenging economic conditions.

Career Highlights & Expertise:

  • Early Entrepreneurship: Graeme’s foray into business ownership at 24 taught him the multifaceted nature of running a company. His early start has given him a firsthand understanding of the challenges business owners face.
  • Industry Evolution: He has witnessed the shift from analogue to digital within the print industry, embracing high-risk scenarios that led to exciting and disruptive innovation.
  • Technology Implementation: A pivotal force in modernising New Zealand’s print industry, Graeme oversaw the implementation of groundbreaking technology, enhancing productivity and minimising waste.
  • Sustainability Leadership: His dedication to sustainable practices is evident in leading his company to become the second in their industry to achieve the Toitū Enviromark Diamond certification.
  • Standards Compliance: Graeme has a solid track record in managing and partaking in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FSC audits, emphasising his commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.
  • Team Dynamics Expert: With a passion for working with people, he excels at building and leading high-performing teams, ensuring that clear processes and structures are in place for business success.
  • Strategic Planning: Graeme thrives on analysing opportunities and asking “what if?” to bring fresh perspectives to your business’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Graeme’s extensive experience has equipped him with the knowledge and practical know-how to succeed in competitive business environments under challenging economic conditions. He believes in the power of adopting new technologies, sustainable practices, and the development of high-performing teams to stay competitive.

Graeme looks forward to sharing this rich experience and business knowledge with you to identify areas of opportunity and help you achieve your goals.

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