Do you feel a sense of overwhelm? It seems everyone these days has an incredibly busy life, juggling many things at the same time. There is more pressure than ever to be successful and to ‘do it all’.  We strive for successful careers, relationships and family, to achieve more than ever.

The access to information on how to live our best life is unprecedented and yet stress, overwhelm and poor mental health is an epidemic in NZ society.

Technology has incredible value but can add to the overwhelm with an avalanche of messages received, viewed and responded to every day from many sources. The statistics on how many hours we spend on our devices every day are simply scary, the time spent is huge. How much of that time is spent actually building your business or are you simply wasting your precious time?

All of us have the same amount of time every day. It’s what we do with that time that counts.

Here a few keys:

  • Read about the habits of really successful people – who is someone you admire? What do they do to stay focused? How have they achieved their success? Often from humble beginnings, their story will inspire you.
  • Plan – whichever system you use, paper/electronic, keep it simple and keep everything in one place. Lots of notebooks and post-it notes can add to the overwhelm of daily life.
  • Write it down – clear your mind of all the distractions so you can focus on the right things that will move both you and your business forward.
  • Reduce time-wasters – do an audit of your week and become aware of habits that sabotage your time. For example, looking at devices. Catching up on messages just before you go to sleep affects your sleep patterns massively. Lack of sleep impacts on your self-awareness and productivity.
  • Do you procrastinate? This habit has been described as a ‘disease’. It can creep into every area of life and reduce your confidence and self-esteem. Taking any action on what you are procrastinating on will change your life!

The most important thing is to have people around you who support you and challenge you. The difference is the human factor. Find a business coach, an accountability mentor, a business partner, a best friend. Someone who has your back through the good and the bad. Someone who will say it as it is, with kindness and your best interests at heart. It is absolutely invaluable to have that person in your life.

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