The Williams Dynasty

When we think about the real benefits of having an In-house Coach and Mentor the story of the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, comes to mind. You can read the story of their father, Richard right here – it is a testament to having clarity of vision with drive and purpose.

Training Exposure

As we journey through life, it’s useful to reflect on what happens. Training and development fall into a number of different categories and experiences.

  • Residential: Your employer sends you to a ‘far away’ location to be ‘tutored’ by experts.
  • Online: Obviously a cheaper option than residential (usually) but may be part of a ‘tick box’ exercise.
  • On the job: If you’re fortunate, your line manager, or a trusted advisor in your company, takes time to share their experiences such that you are nurtured, develop and grow.

Both residential and online training have their place but with these approaches, the following occurs:

  • Learners genuinely engage with some of the content and utilise it with many benefits.
  • Individuals find certain parts of the content ‘challenging’. They may be tried once or twice.
  • Up to one-third of the content is ‘too difficult’/out of comfort zone! So it is left dormant.

That is why the key figure in all of this is the line manager. It’s important to know if they understand and embrace the content and will ensure follow-up.

What’s the Offer?

In today’s fast-paced and challenging workplace, we all know that employers want results. There is less tolerance for the hypothetical and more focus on ‘How can I apply this learning and insights to my current performance and that of my team?’

We work in-house, both with individuals and teams, developing objectives that directly align with existing business challenges.

We cover many facets of development and 2 of our core areas are:

  • Customer Relationship Engagement and Management
  • Developing Leaders via nurturing People Development

What’s the Opportunity?

Advantage Business is a REACH Gold partner and as such our certified practitioners can deliver meaningful results using this evidence-based tool for your organisational learning journey.

Read more about the REACH ecosystem or contact us for a conversation on what is possible!