I’m tired of this meme but lets start here anyway!


I have truly lost count of how many times I have seen this meme. It ‘grates’ on me for a number of reasons due to the fact that I have been in environments with those CFO’s many times and many of us are still encountering the same challenge.

The Williams Dynasty!

When I think of the real benefits of having an In house mentor/Coach the story of the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus was front and centre. You can read the story of their father, Richard, right here – it is testament to having clarity of vision with drive and purpose.

Training Exposure

Training and Development falls into a number of different categories and experiences. As I approach one of those life stage birthdays it’s useful to reflect on what happens.

  • Residential: You think you have hit the jackpot, your employer sends you to a ‘far away’ location to be ‘tutored’ by experts.
  • On Line: Obviously a cheater option than Residential (usually) and maybe part of a ‘tick box’ exercise.
  • On the job: If you’re fortunate your line manager, or a trusted advisor in your company, takes time to share their experiences such that you are nurtured, develop and grow.

Residential and On line do have their place by my experiences suggest the following occurs:

  • 1/3 of the content is genuinely engaged with and utilised with benefit
  • 1/3 of the content is deemed ‘challenging’ by the individual and maybe tried once or twice
  • 1/3 of the content is left dormant due to being ‘too difficult’/out of comfort zone!?

The key figure in all of this is the line manager – does he/she understand and embrace the content and ensure follow up.

Over 20 years ago the most advantageous training I received was from Pepsico whereby Regional Managers were trained to deliver training to their teams and once a year 3 to 4 levels of control in a division were tested for consistency.

Whats the Offer!?

In todays fast paced and challenging work place we all know that employers want results today. There is less tolerance for the hypothetical and more focus on ‘How can I apply this learning and insight to my current performance’

At icu BIG! we work with individuals and teams, in house, on development objectives that are directly aligned with existing business challenges.

My personal experience, and consistent success, came from many years in commercial roles for FMCG manufacturers and some time running a Merchandise Department for leading NZ retailer Countdown.

We cover many facets of development and 2 of our core areas are:

  • Customer Relationship Engagement and Management
  • Developing Leaders via nurturing People Development

Whats the Opportunity?

I know that in house delivers the best results and the way that the  icu BIG! model works means all our focus is on tangible results and outcomes.

Let us deliver meaningful ROI for you, your teams and your CFO.

Contact me now for a conversation on what is possible!