We know from speaking to many of our clients on a daily basis that one of the key questions running through your minds frequently is, “What are the key ways to retain our employees?”

A focus on staff retention is one of the most important parts of running your business, and as small business advisors, it is one of our core priorities when working with you too.

While each business is unique with some tactics more or less effective than others, a good understanding of the options available will help you understand and implement your own staff retention initiatives. Here are some ways for small businesses to retain employees:

  1. Strong Leadership: Effective leadership plays a significant role in employee retention. Good managers support their teams, provide clear guidance, and foster a positive work environment.
  2. Clear Communication: Maintain transparent communication regarding company goals, performance expectations, and changes. Employees appreciate knowing the company’s direction and how their roles contribute to its success.
  3. Address Concerns Promptly: If employees express concerns or grievances, address them promptly and seriously. Demonstrating that you value their wellbeing can enhance employee loyalty.
  4. Create a Positive Work Environment: A positive and inclusive work environment fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty. Encourage open communication, respect diverse perspectives, and promote teamwork.
  5. Recognition and Appreciation: Recognise and reward employees’ efforts and achievements. Regularly acknowledge their contributions, whether through verbal praise, awards, or promotions. Where suitable, provide employees with autonomy to make decisions within their roles. Feeling trusted and empowered increases job satisfaction.
  6. Feedback and Growth Opportunities: Regularly provide constructive feedback to help employees improve and grow. Encourage them to voice their opinions and ideas for company improvement. Employees are more likely to stay when they see a clear path for career growth. Offer training, mentorship, and development programs to help employees enhance their skills and advance within the company.
  7. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Offering competitive salaries, benefits, and perks is essential to attract and retain top talent. Ensure that your compensation packages are in line with industry standards and reflect the value your employees bring to the organisation.
  8. Flexible Work Arrangements: Offering flexible work options, such as remote work or flexible hours, can significantly improve work-life balance and increase employee satisfaction. These options may not be appropriate in all situations but there are often alternatives that can be explored.
  9. Team Building and Social Activities: Organise team-building activities, social events, and gatherings outside of work. Building relationships and a sense of camaraderie can improve employee engagement.
  10. Employee Surveys: Conduct regular surveys to gather feedback from employees about their job satisfaction, concerns, and suggestions for improvement. Use this feedback to make necessary changes.

We know that every business is unique, so tailor your retention strategies to fit your company culture and the needs of your employees. Our advisors can help you to assess and implement retention strategies that are customised to your business and that get results.

Be sure to regularly assess the effectiveness of your retention efforts and make adjustments, as necessary, to maintain a satisfied and committed workforce. At Advantage Business, we understand both the benefits of strong retention and the pitfalls of poor retention in the ongoing success of our clients. Contact us for more information and a no obligation catch up over coffee with your local advisor. Coffee is on us! Visit www.advantagebusiness.co.nz to reach out.