Steve Murray

Business Advisor, Coach, Non-executive Director


Steve Murray has 30 years of hands-on experience as a business owner and business advisor in the Waikato.

Owner-operators looking to bring some structure to their business will benefit from working with Steve. He has proven success in helping owners build their business while finding the balance between growth, profitability and having a life.

Steve has assisted hundreds of business owners to take their business to the next level. He often helps to set up an advisory board. These promote understanding of future possibilities and what the business needs to grow and develop. Steve brings vast experience in culture and people development, ensuring there are both a clear vision and purpose to base future decisions around.

An advisory board specialist. Steve currently sits on a number of advisory boards covering a wide variety of industries. These include rural services, import and distribution, global software development, waste management and minimisation and Maori social enterprise.

Steve has served as a past director on the Advantage Business board for five years.

Steve Murray, Advantage Business Advisor, Waikato
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Strategy Development & Execution 90%
Leadership & People Engagement 90%
Governance & Risk Management 90%
Change Management 80%
Entrepreneurial 80%
Communication 80%

Personal Profile

Steve Murray loves working with owners of SME businesses. They make up such a large proportion of NZ’s business community but often struggle to succeed. In his experience, owners are amazing technicians. But not all will have every skill required to manage the business to its full potential. Developing a business can be hugely stressful. That’s why Steve finds helping to work through these challenges so rewarding.

Steve has been self-employed since the late 1980s. He has first-hand experience of success and failure with his enterprises. It is these experiences that enable him to successfully work alongside owners. He can call on his own learnings, having trodden the same path.

Industry experience

  • International trade
  • Import and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialist retail
  • Engineering
  • IT development
  • Rural services
  • Waste management and minimisation


Steve loves old and classic cars (he’s owned 42 vehicles in 45 years).

He’s passionate about music and esoteric hi-fi equipment. Steve’s large collection of music (on vinyl, cd, cassette and digital) includes Frank Zappa to Philip Glass and a bit of everything in between.

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Steve Murray

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