Steve Alesech

DipBusAdmin, IECL Accredited Coach

Business Advisor & Coach

Steve has a diverse range of operational, strategic, governance and people skills derived from his professional development and practical experience in corporate and SME businesses of over 35 years. He has owned, operated, transformed and sold businesses, created startups and held senior management roles within multinational and national corporates. Steve has a wealth of blended knowledge, proven business performance, and a reputation for getting things done as well as a passion for growing people and businesses.

He is a certified coach, mentor, REACH practitioner and business advisor who works with individuals and businesses to achieve breakthrough performance. Central to this process is a financial, culture and customer gap analysis but key to the success of this work are the conversations he has with clients. He actively listens to really understand concerns, aspirations, opportunities, and challenges. Sometimes it is what is not said that is more important than what is said. Many business owners have no exit or succession strategy, so part of his discovery process is understanding what success looks like in 1, 5 or 10 years down the track. This process can be an incredibly motivating and liberating experience for clients providing purpose and energy where they might otherwise have been stuck.

People, Culture & Leadership 100%
Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions 100%
Finance & Business Planning 100%
Governance & Risk Management 100%
Exit & Succession Strategy 100%
Sales, Negotiation and Marketing 100%
Health & Safety 100%

Personal Profile

Steve has a strong desire to see people succeed and is committed to the personal growth and leadership development of others. He has an open mindset and brings a high level of relatedness, transparency, and empathy that enables him to connect with others and have the types of conversations that really matter. He will ask the hard questions, likes to cut through the noise and will hold people to account for their commitments. In Steve’s words, “I’m certainly no time waster, if I don’t think I can help, you won’t have to ask me to leave”.

From his own business experience, Steve understands how isolating business ownership can be. The challenge to extract yourself from working in the business to working on it, the many managerial and leadership hats an owner may need to wear is all-consuming but the rewards and satisfaction when everything clicks can be immense.  As a husband and father, he also understands the importance of maintaining a balance between work and family and how difficult these conflicting priorities can be to manage.

Steve’s specific areas of expertise are leadership and team development, culture and strategy. He knows his way around a P&L and balance sheet and has experience and understanding of all facets of business operations. This includes what it takes to acquire, start, sell or merge businesses, turn around underperforming teams and improve bottom-line performance.

He has owned and ran a number of businesses, is an accomplished coach and has experience in the oil and gas industry, transport & logistics, manufacturing, retail and franchising sectors. In all that he does, health and safety has always been a key part of his skill base. There is no better learning environment than the oil industry to understand best practice health and safety culture and management systems.


“… As someone who has great operational experience, he has real empathy for the front line and knows what it takes to get the job done. He has always been one of the sought-after guys I have worked with that everyone wants on their team.”

Mark Forsyth – General Manager, Retail – Z Energy Ltd


“…Steve is authentic and has genuine integrity … His best characteristics: persistence, patience, calm, a willingness to learn, to have hard conversations and to continually demonstrate and explain a vision”.

Jonathan Hill – Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager – Z Energy Ltd


“…Steve has strong coaching capabilities and used them to good effect in his core role as Project Lead and also as part of my Leadership team.  This supported the personal growth in the other members of my team and me.  This took skill and courage and was a key contributor to a positive culture in my business.”

Dave Binnie – General Manager Supply & Distribution – Z Energy

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