Kent Olliver

BA - Anthropology and Crimnology, Anthropology (Hon), Lifecycle Management - HBS, Entrepreneurial and Innovation in the Age of Change - LSE

Advisor & SME Entrepreneur

Kent is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman, with a passion for innovation and the development of creative strategies. His goal is to help business owners develop effective strategies to run their businesses, not have their businesses run them.

People 96%
Operations & Finance 97%
Marketing/Sales 94%
Entrepreneurial 99%

Personal Profile

Over the past two decades I have gained experience across various industries including Telecommunications, I.T. and Construction, and currently have a start up social enterprise business called Give Socially.

I have built and owned my own companies, in particular taking Contemporary Glass from start up to sale, and in the process receiving multiple nominations for Westpac Business Awards, culminating in a proud win for Excellence in Strategy & Planning.

I have a proven track record in:

Financial Management – Building simple and effective financial management and reporting systems that are understandable and relevant to your business.

Creative Business Development – Focusing on identifying successful “channels to business”, what are the most direct routes to the customers and markets you’re targeting.

Innovative Marketing Strategies – Whether using social media and targeted online campaigns, or traditional marketing principles to reach target audiences.

Business Process and System Development – Creating business ecosystems that bring all parts of your business and customer interactions together. Building simple business models to support manageable, sustainable and scalable revenue growth.

Succession – Whether you’re planning to sell your business or not, he believes in building saleable businesses. Achieving the points outlined above are the key to doing this, and providing you with the greatest number of options in terms of lifestyle and financial security.

I have a passion for ongoing learning and have attended entrepreneurship and business courses at Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I live in Queenstown with my wife Rachel, an accountant who works in commercial banking, and 3 young daughters.

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