Helen Flitcroft

Performance Mindset & Team Performance Coach, Advanced MAP & REACH Practitioner

Helen Flitcroft and her team at Maiara Coach combine the MAP and Reach methodologies with performance coaching strategies to bring about swift internal change and drive meaningful action within individuals and teams. Her clients are able to focus on what matters most, make powerful decisions and lead with greater confidence, joy, dexterity and influence.

Helen particularly loves to work with ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals driven to create meaningful impact through new ideas and ventures. Although based in the Taranaki region, Helen and her team comfortably work remotely on a worldwide basis.

Industry Experience

Hospitality, Automotive, Online Services, Apiary, Dairy, Trades, Energy, Defence, Education, Food Manufacture, Web Design & Marketing.

Helen Flitcroft | Associate Advisor | Maiara Coach

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Anne Cullen | Maiara Coach

Maiara Team Member Profile

Anne Cullen, BA, IBCLC

Advanced MAP Practioner, Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Parenting and Family Specialist

Anne Cullen is the person you want by your side when things seem out of balance.  She provides the guidance and tools necessary to ensure her clients rediscover what matters most to them and then live their lives in alignment with that, resulting in less burnout and more personal and professional satisfaction.

Anne has a particular interest in working with professionals who are also parents, understanding that there really is no separating work from the rest of life.  Her empathic, compassionate nature and high level of skill in getting to the root of a problem will have you back on track quickly and performing at your best both at home and at work.

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