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Owning or running a business can be very rewarding,but it can also be very hard.

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Businesses are in essence, people. It’s a combination of creating systems within a business that people understand and want to be involved in. It’s the harmony of business practice with full staff support. This is extremely powerful and allows change to be seamlessly successful. Create a great team and you will have a great company.

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Yes the numbers don’t lie and we will spend all the time needed to understand them. Simply put the financial elements of the business are the concrete base of your success. It is however aligning the finances to the real life value proposition of the business that gives us the best advantage in business. We make good businesses better and struggling businesses profitable.

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Who do you want to talk too? Aligning your value proposition to your market means a far higher return on your investment. Marketing is far more than a marketing plan, it’s about creating a relationship with the right people in the medium they wish to connected in. We make sure you fully understand your value proposition and who is the end user then create a marketing process that is about sales growth and brand recognition.

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Often systems grow over time and have never actually been created to live together. While things seem to work, it’s often the details lost that actually put a strain on the business. We will help implement systems that support growth via sales and services with a key element of being user friendly and not bogging down every day processes. We make sure the systems a strong enough and flexible enough for the changes in the modern business world.

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We hear it every day. I want to grow. Great, we want you to as well. Too often we see the growth speed wobbles start eating away at business value or even worse the business quality of service. Can we help you with growth, yes of course, but we will help the business model support the growth to allow for success in moving to the next stage of financial returns.

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Succession and business selling still remains one of the most sought-after life changes with all business owners. For us it is about setting a business up for sale by creating business value, whether you sell or not, that’s your choice. We are experienced in creating business value in many different ways that can be multiplied upon valuation.

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Tailored Solutions

We understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we also offer fully customised solutions to suit your unique situation, no one else’s. Our team will help articulate the specific problem you’re facing and uncover areas for improvement, then offer up a comprehensive set of solutions.

We’re More Than Just Business Advisors.

Personally Committed To Transforming Your Business

For over 20 years we have been advising a diverse range of businesses on how they can find a competitive advantage. Our clients look upon us as more of an extension of their own business and we become part of the team. We can’t help ourselves but to get involved in the business and we make 100% sure we do whatever is needed to fully understand your business. We work in a professional manner but connect on an emotional one.

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Advantage Business is a business advisory company dedicated to adding significant value to businesses with strong emphasis on growth, efficiency and sustainability. We understand that business isn’t easy; in fact, many of us have been there ourselves. We work alongside you to identify opportunities for improvement and growth, assist you in transforming your ideas into business propositions, prepare a roadmap from strategic intent to a realisable action plan, and then support you in transforming your vision into a business reality.

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