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service(copy)Your business is a Servant

How well are you being served?
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slideshow-02(copy)Your business is a System

How is your system doing?
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exit strategy(copy)Your business is not Forever

Where are you in the lifecycle of your business?
Where is it you thought you would be at this stage?
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business help(copy)Who can Assist?
What is the resourcing you need now?  What else needs to be added to improve your business and achieve its potential in the marketplace? Who else can assist you to resolve persisting frustrations and external threats to commercial progress and success?

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NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme

Advantage Business now has most of our business training and coaching services registered!

What this means to you:

You may be eligible (NZTE criteria apply) for assistance with up to 50% of the cost of some programmes!  The voucher value is anything up to a maximum value of $5,000 in any one financial year (July 1 to June 30) and is well worth having!

To apply: 

  1. Contact your local Advantage Advisor who will work with you to identify the best solutions to meet your business goals
  2. Then you'll need to visit and register your business online (we can help with this if needed)
  3. You'll be assessed by a regional partner (see the website for details) and if eligible, may be allocated a voucher
  4. Your local Advantage Advisor will then help you book onto the assistance you've identified as best meeting your needs
  5. Then you and your advisor will take action to develop your business and achieve the goals you've set!

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"it's the experience of our advisors and the way we work with a client..."

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What Our Clients Say

"...we are now able to spend more time in planning and developing the areas of the business that better utilize its strengths"

Neville Sturmfels, Sansom Contract Services Ltd
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